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           by Anne


Welcome! Please come in, and explore.  You will find amazing places to discover new, wonderful ideas and products. Here you will find information on massage, and some of the different types of massage that I offer.  Also, how to contact me to schedule a Massage by Anne. I am a Nevada State Licensed Massage Therapist ~ NVMT.655

I offer different types of massage and body work.  From the beautiful flowing classic Swedish Massage to Deeper Therapeutic Massage. Hot Stone Massage to Aromatherapy Treatments. 

Also offered are some great Spa Treatments ~ Full Body Sugar Rubs, Hot Oil Scalp massages, Body wraps for silky, healthy skin!  For deep relaxation of mind and body, come see me! 

I do love what I do, and have found some wonderful products along this journey!  If you are interested in aromatherapy and healthy alternatives in Natural Healing you will want to check out doTERRA Essential Oils.  doTERRA has made it possible for everyone to use and benefit from the magic of Essential Oils.  There is an amazing treatment to balance the body and mind with these beautiful oils.  It is called AromaTouch.  As either a stand alone Aromatherapy Treatment for deep relaxation, immune boosting and balancing the body or the AromaTouch Massage ~ with the added benefit of a full body massage you will love this! 

Are you familiar with Hemi Sync?  Sounds for sleep, meditation and wellness.  Amazing, wonderful products!  Great break-through into thought consciousness and the mind.  Take a journey and explore! You’ll be glad you did.